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We care for the planet and people. We offer a responsible business.

Sustainability policy

At Mahekal Beach Resort we are convinced to achieve a harmonious development with the environment through the implementation of good control strategies, which help the environmental impact generated by our hotel activities, thus guaranteeing conservation and respect for the environment as applicable legislation.


We implement different initiatives to minimize the impact of our operations, working to reduce our environmental footprint and preserve the natural resources that the planet offers.

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  • Local School: Gabriela Brimer Multiple Attention Center (CAM) in Playa del Carmen, for low-income handicapped children. We provide general maintenance of the school (painting, lighting of the areas, plumbing, maintenance of swimming pools, round wood fences and air conditioning equipment, painting, fumigation, etc.)

  • Giving Tuesday: Every year on the last Thursday of November we donate 10% of the proceeds from reservations made through our official website to support schools in Playa del Carmen.  Giving Tuesday is a global, non-profit movement that promotes solidarity among people, organizations, and companies. It is a day to share, think of others, and act.

  • Banco de Tapitas.  We collect all plastic caps generated in the operation of the hotel, separated them in the recycling area, and donated them to Banco de Tapitas A.C., to support children with cancer.

A Koala Bear In A Tree

Flora & Fauna

  • We conserve and respect the different species of wild fauna and flora native to Mexico, especially those that are in some category of endangered risk in the NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 as well as the endemic species of the region.

  • We are part of the Committee for the Protection and Conservation of Sea Turtles of the Municipality of Solidaridad in the commissions of environmental education and beach surveillance.

  • Wildlife at Mahekal: Some of the animals you will find: Coati, Anteater, Hocofaisán, Spider monkey, Tropical porcupine, Spiny Iguana, Parakeet snake, Gravid tortoise, Yucatecan chara, among others.

  • We have more than 180 species of plants among which we have some protected native species such as Ch'íit palm, Nakax palm, Royal palm, Caribbean palm, White mangrove, Red mangrove, Botoncillo mangrove, Yax nick, and some Orchids.

Green Practices

  • We properly manage our waste; we separate and recycle recyclable waste and we channel special handling and hazardous waste through certified companies.
  • We avoid the production of single-use plastics.
  • We do not use Styrofoam, paper restaurant napkins, disposable plastic cups, or plastic food containers.
  • We use reusable cups, straws, and food containers made from wheat starch, bamboo stirrers for drinks, doilies, and cloth napkins.
  • We reduce the consumption of water, electricity, and laundry chemicals; through our campaign to reuse whites in the rooms.
  • We involve our guests in our efforts, through a tent card where we explain the importance of their participation.
  • Each Air Conditioning equipment has inverter technology.
  • The lights of the property are led type to reduce the consumption of electrical energy.


Cristal Standards: RoomCheck, FoodCheck, PoolCheck, AquaCheck, CrisisCheck, PosiCheck, and EcoCheck.

OLAS certification is part of the global project:
Clean Ocean to limit plastic waste in aquatic ecosystems.

Our Commitment

Since 2018 we work under an environmental management system, our goals:

  • Contribute to the conservation of the environment and natural heritage of the region.
  • Regulatory Compliance.
  • Efficient hotel operation.
  • Obtain bases for certifications.
  • Exceed customer expectations.
  • Reduce resource costs and expenses.

Mahekal is the leading resort, attached to the highest values, organically connected to the Mayan wealth and local heritage.

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