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Dine On Authentic Mayan Cuisine

Exotic vacations aren’t just about lounging on the beach. They’re also about discovering another part of the world, visiting new cultures, and most of all, tasting new treats. We’ve brought a new experience to our dining at Mahekal Beach Resort. The Mayan Culinary Casita preps and serves authentic Mayan food, crafted the way the original Mayan people cooked. This Mayan dining experience combines the region’s rich tradition and a historical look to present guests with an immersive culinary adventure. Our chefs and staff, many with ancestors that date back to the original Mayan people, still speak the Mayan language. As they prepare your feast, they’ll explain their techniques in Mayan, which will be translated to your language.

The casita is decorated with colorful peppers—red, yellow, and bright green—along with vibrant tropical leaves. You’ll dine at our outdoor table, soaking in enough sun to match the cuisine’s warm palette. Tropical trees will provide plenty of shade. Mexico’s lush scenery will give you the perfect backdrop to match the Mayan’s luscious flavors.

The meal features Lime and Chicken Soup, which will be created in large, clay pots with locally sourced ingredients. Spicy, aromatic peppers and condiments enhance the foods’ flavor. Our chefs will cook fish and other meats in heated pit ovens, steaming them to moist, delicious perfection. Our staff will also create tortillas by hand and cook them in the traditional Mayan style. Drinks include the refreshing local produce drink, Ixtabentum, along with flat or sparkling water from Mexico and red or white wine. The meal concludes with a sample of Mexican desserts, and you can take the recipes and menus as souvenirs.

When you visit Mahekal Beach Resort this summer, don’t just experience the region’s stunning natural beauty. Discover the region’s rich, fascinating Mayan culture. There’s a reason these recipes have been passed down for hundreds of years. You’ll find that authentic Mexican dining is more delicious than any place in the world. To learn more about The Mayan Culinary Casita or to make reservations, stop by the Concierge or e-mail

The Mayan Culinary Casita is for a minimum of four guests. Advance reservations are required. Meal time is lunch only, and is an additional cost per person. Pricing does not include alcohol and gratuities and is not part of the Mahekal meal package.

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