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Catch of the Day

One of the most unique (And delicious!) experiences at Mahekal Beach Resort is the Catch of the Day.  While most of us envision that phrase, “catch of the day” as “the fish offered on a particular day at a restaurant” (At least that’s the Merriam-Webster definition!), Mahekal Beach Resort has its own spin on how mouthwatering fresh fish get to your plate in Fuego Restaurante y Cantina.

Weekly (And sometimes more often in peak season; but remember, this event is weather (and water) dependent.) on Saturday’s at 12:30pm, local fishermen bring their fresh fish haul to the shores of Mahekal Beach Resort.  These local fishermen were found, through Chef Crescenciano Nerey, and weekly bring their largest, freshest varieties of local fish to the beach.  Once the fishermen carry the ice chests from their boat to the Sandbox at Fuego, Chef Nerey and the culinary team, weigh, select and view the prize catch; carving and filleting the fish in front of watchful and curious guests.

At this point, guests can pick their afternoon late lunch, or dinner entrees at Fuego, including species of fish, and preparation.  Pick your fish; explain to the Chef on how you like it and give your room number and make your dinner reservation time.  But don’t just pick yours – watch the entire process; and hopefully with a local microbrew beer, or hand-crafted cocktail from Fuego in hand. Of note; this is an additional charge, by the fish weigh, to the Mahekal MAP/meal plan. Local fish vary by season but often include snapper, grouper, and sometimes other local fish.

During a recent visit, my other half and I opted for a large local grouper to share, fried whole and served with an array of Fuego side dishes.  The grouper “cheeks” were extremely savory.  Our new friends, met at the pool the previous afternoon, opted for red snapper, seared.  They, like us, considered this the highlight meal of their visit to Mahekal.

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