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Snorkeling and Diving With Riviera Maya’s Unique Wildlife

The Riviera Maya is home to an absolute abundance of breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you visit for the white-sand beaches, the lush vegetation, or the endless sunshine, nature lovers are never disappointed with what this part of the world has to offer.  But there’s another aspect to the stunning beauty of this area that simply cannot be overlooked — the warm, sapphire-blue waters just off our coastline are absolutely teeming with sea life. Coral, tropical fish, sea turtles, and more are just waiting to be discovered by intrepid visitors.  Whether you’re thinking of a tranquil scuba session or an extended dive, Riviera Maya scuba diving and snorkeling are an absolute must. Read on to discover some of the best spots nearby, and learn all about what you can expect here when you suit up and submerge. Or head straight to our Dive Center and start planning your trip


Mahekal’s proximity to Cozumel island makes ours a particularly attractive location for scuba fans. Cozumel is renowned the world over for its unbeatable diving. The water is warm and incredibly clear, so visibility is excellent. It’s also full of incredible animal and plant life, including spectacular coral formations, sea turtles, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and large schools of tropical fish.


The nearby town of Tulum is also a diving hot spot. The wildlife off the warm beaches here is no less stunning than in most places off the Mexican coast, but divers in Tulum often choose this area for an equally compelling reason: undersea caves. Tulum hosts some truly awe-inspiring undersea caverns, cenotes, and other magnificent formations where you’ll find a wide variety of unique aquatic life. Bring your waterproof camera!

Puerto Morelos

The lovely coastal city of Puerto Morelos draws divers of all skill levels thanks to its easy accessibility. The waters here are warm and shallow, with good light penetration, meaning that the plant life is rich and varied, and you’ll never have to venture too deep or too far offshore to see colorful creatures. Most notably, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef — the second-largest in the world — has some genuinely gorgeous formations that are easy to get to. You may even spot some shipwrecks!


Roughly equidistant between Mahekal and Tulum lies Akumal (a Mayan word meaning “Bay of Turtles”). Here divers will be able to check out the upper section of the fantastic Belize Barrier Reef. Visibility is also superb, and currents tend to be mild. Lobsters, stingrays, grouper, barracuda, and the several species of sea turtle that give the area its name are often found here year-round. Diving in the slightly cooler winter months may even allow you to spot schools of dolphins!

Playa del Carmen

Mahekal Resort is nestled in Playa Del Carmen, itself a fantastic spot for a snorkeling session or diving excursion. In addition to the coral formations, whale sharks often migrate here during cooler months, as do many varieties of colorful tropical fish, manta rays, seahorses, dolphins, and sea turtles. Simply visit the Dive Center at Mahekal to help you arrange snorkeling or diving in Playa del Carmen during your visit, and let us help you have the adventure of a lifetime!

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