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The Harmless Seaweed Popping Up in the Caribbean

Seaweed is a common sight at the beach, but many Caribbean beaches have recently seen a sharp rise in the amount of sargassum washing ashore. This type of seaweed isn’t harmful and doesn’t sting or pose any severe threat to human health. During late summer and early fall, it grows naturally throughout the temperate and tropical oceans. However, researchers now think that changes in sea temperature have caused the amount of sargassum in the world’s oceans to increase.

At Mahekal Beach Resort, we balance our desire to provide a pleasant beach experience for our guests with the need to respect the nature around us. Led by our sustainability manager, we conduct manual beach clean ups that have been permitted by the local authorities. Not only are we making room for you to relax on the sand, but we’re restoring the natural habitat of local wildlife, like hatching sea turtles. So while global levels of sargassum are expected to drop soon with the cooling water temperatures, you can still expect a serene beach setting in the meantime.

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